Socket Mop, floor cleaning with a bucket and wringer.

Choosing the Best Mop – Specifying The Correct Cleaning Supplies

Are you struggling to find the best mop?

At Optima Proclean, we understand the importance of selecting the correct cleaning equipment. With a plethora of options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which mop is most suitable for your requirements.

Considerations such as floor type, surface area, frequency of use, and durability are essential factors to contemplate before making a purchasing decision. Understanding the differences and benefits of each mop type will enable you to offer the correct solution, resulting in better service and happier customers.

Socket Mops:

Socket mops are the most popular choice in the UK, known for their affordability and durability. Traditional socket mops feature a metal socket and are used with a wooden handle. However, plastic sockets have gained popularity due to their compatibility with colour-coded cleaning regimes and a variety of handle options.

Kentucky Mops

Kentucky mops are ideal for cleaning large areas of flooring, thanks to their longer yarn. They feature a polyester band stitched in the middle to secure the fibres and maintain shape. Supplied with sewn-in colour-coded tags, Kentucky mops aid in area identification and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Cut-End Mops vs. Loop-Ended Mops:

Loop End
Loop-ended mops offer increased absorbency and durability.
Cut-end mops are cost-effective but may deteriorate quicker.

Yarn Types:

Twine Yarn:
Absorbent and durable, ideal for professionals and suitable for rougher floors.
PY Yarn:
Thick and super absorbent, suitable for everyday use on smooth surfaces.
Multifold Yarn:
Hard-wearing and absorbent, suitable for heavy-duty applications.
Non-Woven Fabric:
Cost-effective alternative providing great dirt collection and durability.

By understanding the various mop types and their applications, you can make an informed decision to meet your cleaning needs effectively. Choose Optima Proclean for high-quality cleaning solutions and elevate your cleaning routine today!